Thursday, October 8, 2015

40/52 :: 2015

I don't really know what to say about this week except that I am exhausted. also I managed to not take any pictures at my dining room table this week, so yay for that! (:

Thursday 1 October // day two hundred seventy-four :: I had been craving cupcakes for so long, and then Wednesday was the birthday of one of my littles, so his mom brought cupcakes for our classes. then later that night, my mom gave me cupcakes from a bake sale! thank you, whoever heard that message and brought the cupcakes to me.

Friday 2 October // day two hundred seventy-five :: this pile of building materials used to be Sally's Super Soft Serve, a neighborhood ice cream place where my friends and I used to walk to when we were younger in the summer for ice cream and such. it was about a ten minute walk from my house and a five minute walk from the middle and high schools, so we used to walk here during classes sometimes too. it has been so weird watching it get torn down carefully piece by piece. I'm glad I got this picture when I did, because all of the wood was taken away the next day.

Saturday 3 October // day two hundred seventy-six :: it makes me so happy to see this as the picture on my calendar all month. I someday hope to travel to the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Sunday 4 October // day two hundred seventy-seven :: I love getting mail, even if it's just something that I bought online. Tattly has some pretty cool packaging, and I can't wait to have a matching unicorn tattoo with my little sister for Halloween! (the roses was September's tattoo of the month.)

Monday 5 October // day two hundred seventy-eight :: taking some long hair selfies pre-haircut!

Tuesday 6 October // day two hundred seventy-nine :: I was reading American Gods, but I gave up after maybe a third of the book because it was just not something that I liked and I thought it was really strange.

Wednesday 7 October // day two hundred eighty :: Lake Michigan. so pretty.


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  1. I read that book! And I have to agree, it was really strange.


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