Thursday, October 1, 2015

39/52 :: 2015

my least favorite part about doing these posts is this little intro up here because I never know what to write about.

since it's finally the first October, there are of course some Halloween-related photos this week. though, in my opinion, skulls are good for all year (:

{also somehow I messed up the numbers again? but it's fixed for at least this post...}

Thursday 24 September // day two hundred sixty-seven :: my neighbor has pretty flowers (:

Friday 25 September // day two hundred sixty-eight :: sugar skull season (; t-minus thirty days until my loves return.

Saturday 26 September // day two hundred sixty-nine :: StitchFix! {here's the post showing what I received}

Sunday 27 September // day two hundred seventy :: my niece was mesmerized by these windows at her baptism.

Monday 28 September // day two hundred seventy-one :: Halloween is my favorite, and I am always super excited when it's on its way. (see next photo) my dad knows this, and so he got me this sign, which is currently in the backseat of my car since I'm not quite sure what to do with it. he also got me another skull a couple days later which is on the backseat too.

Tuesday 29 September // day two hundred seventy-two :: raspberries in my newest Pyrex! I didn't need it, but I couldn't resist the sugar skulls. it's from Target and they have some other fun Halloween ones too. {sugar skulls // cats // ghosts}

Wednesday 30 September // day two hundred seventy-three :: happy birthday, William! I can't believe you're already four! I have been craving cupcakes for so long, so this was wonderful. (and then my mom brought me some red velvet ones too...)


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