Friday, November 6, 2015

the month by iPhone :: October 2015

a whirlwind of a month. busy weekends, busy weekdays, lots of fun with incredible people. I made some time for driving around in the beautiful fall though.

a sad image, but one that had to be captured. I ate a lot of ice cream from this place.

it's been a while since it's looked like this! just a minor problem this time though. (:

Lake Michigan

I don't know why, but that guy on DuoLingo made me laugh so hard.

Lake Michigan, but this time in Algoma.

Marquette Middle School, abandoned in Kewaunee. seems to maybe be condemned? I only peeked in the windows that I could, but there was a room full of desks and I really wished that I could go inside.

lunch at Caffe Tlazo in Algoma. (California wrap sans ranch with chips & a s'mores mocha; reading The Clasp)

on County U, if I remember correctly... the top photo failed to upload to Instagram, but I went around and got it from a different angle. (I use Afterlight to edit a lot of photos before Instagram.)

that awkward moment when your phone has an issue with times on the weather app, so it thinks that the sun isn't going to rise until noon...

so in love with the decorations at my aunt and uncle's house. it's hard to see because of the reflection, but there are skulls in the window too! (:

choppy waters at the boat launch.

I drove up to Egg Harbor, and I decided as it was too late to turn (story of my life) that I wanted to go to a store, so I ended up pulling into a cemetery to turn around. I thought that it was pretty inappropriate, but I had to get out for some pictures because the leaves were pretty and the gravestones were so worn.

reading some of my favorite Oliver Jeffers books to the kids because I needed to hear them.
{Stuck // This Moose Belongs to Me // The Heart and the Bottle}

I've been meaning to take pictures at the abandoned Sawyer School in Sturgeon Bay for so long because I am so fascinated by the fact that there was a separate door for "boys" and "girls." I just wish I hadn't waited until those windows were all boarded up.

 causing trouble again.

I have been using AfterLight to edit photos on my phone again, and I am just loving it.

seeing "shake well" on anything makes me happy. (it's a lyric from my favorite pat mAcdonald solo album called Troubadour of Stomp)

raven for pat from Eleanor. (:

333 bracelet from the lovely girls.

thank you, Third Avenue Playhouse.

matching unicorn tattoos (from Tattly). I am loving this placement.


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