Thursday, November 5, 2015

44/52 :: 2015

it was certainly a whirlwind of a week/weekend. I had an excellent time with the #songfamily, which included a night of staying out way way way too late, but it was worth the memories. oh how I love them. soon I will catch up on blogging. (;

Thursday 29 October // day three hundred two :: beautiful window display at the Artist Guild.

Friday 30 October // day three hundred three :: sweet Sugar Ransom (with Kim Manning, Carley Baer, Uno Lady, and Steve Smith) for "Shaking Death Blues"

Saturday 31 October // day three hundred four :: Miss Kim Manning and co. for "Fuck Yeah! Halloween"

Sunday 1 November // day three hundred five :: breakfast with this crew after staying up all night <3 <3 <3

Monday 2 November // day three hundred six :: and just like that, it's over. somehow I still become responsible for their belongings (not my Star Wars water bottle), sometimes they let me wear their clothes (not pictured), sometimes they leave sweet notes (thanks, Devil to Drag).

Tuesday 3 November // day three hundred seven :: my sweet gold stars got me a giant star! I still am not sure where to put it/what to do with it, but it's here for now.

Wednesday 4 November // day three hundred eight :: newest picks from the library.

{Imaginary Fred // The Blue Whale // The Octopuppy // Edmond: The Moonlit Party // Maple & Willow Apart // Leo: A Ghost Story // Double Happiness}


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