Thursday, November 12, 2015

45/52 :: 2015

I'm still falling back into this normal schedule thing. it's less of a transition to go from mid-season to huge event to peak season than it is from peak season to event week to quiet season.

lots of dining room table shots this week, but I have some other ones I need to edit for some upcoming posts yet...

Thursday 5 November // day three hundred nine :: part of the mess on my dining room table. there is always at least one scarf. I really love that I could wear both of these at the same time and it wouldn't be too noticeable.

Friday 6 November // day three hundred ten :: starting to fill this journal with lists.

Saturday 7 November // day three hundred eleven :: a week-old unicorn. once last glimpse before it disappeared.

Sunday 8 November // day three hundred twelve :: it's always a joyous occasion when my NatureBox arrives! but it usually happens when I'm at work, so I don't look at it until the next day. (and that's a stack of preschool books because the lighting is best right there.)

Monday 9 November // day three hundred thirteen :: breakfast time.

Tuesday 10 November // day three hundred fourteen :: so in love with my new sunglasses! they fit my face so much better than my old Coach ones and I can see clearer in them too. (:

Wednesday 11 November // day three hundred fifteen :: leaving in the morning.


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