just a girl, her Nikon, and her Volkswagen Beetle.

16 June 2011

hello and welcome to the Adventures of Teresa & Luna.

Teresa is a Door County, Wisconsin resident in her early twenties and Luna is her Volkswagen Beetle.

Teresa thought that it would be fun to start blogging in September 2012 so that she could connect her photos to some words in sort of an online journal, and she also thought that it would be amusing to write this about me page in third person.

Teresa has her associate's degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, though she used to think that she was going to go to school for a degree in fashion. in addition to working at a pretty cool hotel, Teresa is also a preschool and gymnastics instructor who teaches Sunday School at her Catholic church.

Luna is a limited edition 2002 Volkswagen New Beetle GLS.

Teresa loves cupcakes, clouds, music, photography, fashion, the 1950's, and overposting on Instagram. she also enjoys over punctuation and statistics. she wears a lot of black and grey and wishes that those colors dominated her closet more than they already do.

she believes in pretty bandaids and dressing up for no reason.

Teresa loves to read Young Adult literature and children's books. her favorite illustrator is Oliver Jeffers.

Teresa loves to travel (sometimes bringing Luna with her), but a lot of her adventures happen at home in Door County.

Teresa has tried to learn how to play the guitar a few times, but has focused instead on learning photography, though she would still love to learn how to play lap steel.

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thanks for being part of the adventure!


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