Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I believe in pretty band-aids.

why would I want to hide something ugly with something else that's ugly?

on Sunday afternoon, I was washing some dishes at work, like usual. I was washing a polka-dotted glass that I had washed many times before, in fact, the dish that I had just washed was an identical one! my hand was inside the glass, and I turned my hand and must have put some weird pressure on the glass, because the next thing I knew, a triangular chunk of the glass broke off and my hand was bleeding in two places. I grabbed a clean rag out of the drawer next to me, and applied pressure to my hand while I walked into the other room and stared at the first aid supplies. I thought it would be a smart idea to clean the wounds with an alcohol wipe, but it really wasn't. it stung so much! I wasn't too impressed by all of the ugly band-aids on the shelf, so I went to my purse, where I have some pretty ones stashed. those were the ones I used, of course! these are Cynthia Rowley band-aids that I picked up at Target, but I'm sure they sell them anywhere you can buy Band-Aid brand bandages.

for the record, I previously had Candy Land band-aids {Target dollar spot}, but I used them all.

here's another similar story. when I was a junior in high school, I somehow managed to close my finger into a car door. I still don't even know how that is possible. after a few weeks and a doctor's appointment where a hole was burned into my fingernail to release pressure, my nail fell off. this happened about two weeks before my junior prom, so I made my dad buy pretty band-aids for me. they didn't have any Disney Princess ones, so I settled for a box of Barbie band-aids. and guess what? I just looked through pictures from junior prom, and there wasn't a band-aid on my finger. oops.

blood and fingers lacking fingernails. hopefully that is not a story that will be told again over here.


Glossy Blonde


  1. That is the prettiest bandaid I've ever seen. I saw one that looked like a bacon strip recently.. but this is definitely better.

  2. Cute!! I love me some fun bandaids!

  3. Ew lol! Your nail fell off? I buy Spiderman band aids. He's my secret (fictional) boyfriend.


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