Thursday, December 13, 2012

Target Scores & Life

I made my weekly trip to Target yesterday (: I totally scored at the clearance rack!

white v-neck pocket tee (not on clearance): $6 (regularly $8)

brown boyfriend cardigan: $9.98 (50% off)

long & lean tanks in mustard and grey floral: $2.40 each (70% off)

red floral ruffle front tank: $4.48 (70% off)

I think I'm going to wear the red floral tank with a black cardigan for Christmas!

I stopped to photograph the bridge on the way home because I thought the sky looked pretty.

This morning I had to go to the orthodontist because the wire that is behind my two front top teeth (there's also one behind my four front bottom teeth) split! I thought that it just got unglued or something, but it split in half right between my teeth. They had to take it out and sand all of the glue off, so my mouth feels so weird right now! It's been four years since my teeth have been this "thin."

Today when I checked the mail, there was a package for me! (There was also a bill for my next semester of college...) I won a giveaway from Sara over at Life in these times... for a guitar string bracelet from Hilari at the Meraki Menagerie. It is so beautiful! And I was very pleased with the quality of service I received from Hilari - she was always very prompt at returning messages, and she shipped my bracelet out right away. All of her jewelry is so beautiful. I know a few ladies who would love something from her shop (:

Today was also my last day of the fall semester! One more year!!! I took my Hospitality Facilities Management exam today for certification with the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Since I'm off of school for a month, I am going to start looking at real estate for rent. woohoo.

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  1. Hi Teresa! Sooo I am procrastinator but I DID get your package in the mail today. The only thing is that I think I put the wrong zip code on the label so it might take a second to get to you :/ I hope it makes it there okay and I really hope you like it!! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!


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