Monday, December 17, 2012

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I feel like I am such a slacker at blogging because I never have anything to write about! I wish I was one of those people who just sits at the keyboard and lets everything just flow through their fingertips and writes something nice and perfect, accompanied with beautiful pictures.

In other news...

Yesterday, my parents and I had lunch with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. He is such an adorable, smiley little eleven month old! (:

Today was my last tumbling class at the Y for this session (which means I get two weeks off). I really enjoy spending time with those kids. They're at the best age {3-5} and they say the funniest things. We had one boy in class who would literally run lengths of the floor when he would arrive until class started, and he would run around all during class as well. One day, he said at the end of class, "I'm hot and sweaty!!" haha. His mom and I were both like, "Really?! I can't imagine why that would be."

My best friend had her baby today. I can't wait to meet her!(:

Tomorrow is back to the ortho to get my permanent retainer glued back in before I go to work. My mouth has just gotten used to there not being any glue behind my teeth, so it'll be another weird few days.

Tomorrow is also the eighteenth of December, which marks the second anniversary of Luna moving to Wisconsin!

Then on Wednesday, I am going to get my hair cut! It's only been seven months...

Since I can't have a picture-less post ~ melaniejane made pat sign a copy of his new novella "Space Kitty Blues" for me & she gave me the cute little cat pen (:

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