Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back: 2012

Hey guys! I was thinking of posting something else today, but then I decided, since it's the last day of the year, I'll do like a year in review! Sorry for the absence lately, life has been crazy!

Going through my journal for the year and iPhoto made for a lot of reminiscing as a wrote this. (:

-hung out with my best friend at her new apartment, where we made red velvet cupcakes & I met her boyfriend for the first time
-started my second semester of college
-unofficially owned the Beetle for one year

January 25th - annual tradition!

-the musicians were here for a week
-my cousin is born

Valentine's card for the bosses (:

Valentine's Day nails!

-Luna reached 105,000 miles
-wisdom teeth removal
-Dirty Deuce/Geri X show

-Geri X concert
-shopping with the best friend, bought my first Coach bag, & I went to Olive Garden for the first time
-got my iPhone

Geri X & me (photo by Eric S)

-found out that my best friend is pregnant
-finished my second semester of college
-had a bonfire with one of my favorite musician ladies (:

photo by Anna Sacks

-the musicians were here for a week
-picked up a good friend from the airport with my dad. due to a delay, Dad and I ended up spending an hour at Barnes & Noble
-summer classes started
-Delaney Davidson concert
-summer camp started
-Miss Meaghan Owens concert

outfit for the Delaney Davidson concert

-Independence Day parade
-Liv Mueller/Delaney Davidson concert
-Delaney taught me how to waltz & I waltzed with pat mAcdonald
-Todd Carey concert

-summer classes ended
-Black Sabbath at Lollapalooza in Chicago with Dad
-pat's birthday party at the motel
-my 19th birthday/officially owned the Beetle for one year
-camp ended
-second year of college started
-Chris Aaron & Friends concert

birthday outfit!

-started this blog!
-Chris Aaron & Friends concert (with Wally Ingram)
-Dad's birthday

-took some maternity pictures for the best friend
-the musicians were here for a week
-Mom's birthday

Halloween night two

me & Ellie Maybe (photo by Dan O Stoffels)

Dan O Stoffels & me (photo by Ellie Maybe)
photo by melaniejane

-cousin's baptism
-Christmas parade
-owners' meeting

first snow of the season

outfit for the meeting

-babysat my favorite little ladies
-finished another semester of college
-best friend's baby born
-crazy week at work!


  1. This looks like quite the good year! I love the pictures too. :) Nice to get to know you a bit. I popped over here from SOML. :)


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