Monday, December 10, 2012

The Holiday Tree

I know, I know: it's a Christmas tree. I agree, but at work, we decorated it for multiple holidays this year.

One of the many beautiful vintage pieces that we have at the motel is a 1950's aluminum Christmas tree. It's really a pain to put up (figuratively and literally - shards of aluminum).

aligning the branches for placement
p mAc and me decorating the tree // photo by melaniejane
favorite ornament
We realized when we put the tree up last December that we didn't have a tree topper, but we did have a raven from Halloween. So we used that on the top, and then added the glittery red star.

Christmas 2011
CBG on the wall
The keyboards and musical instruments were then added under the tree as "presents." There is also a vintage spinning color wheel. The tree even has a stand that place music and spins.

I don't recall anything being added to the tree for New Year's.

To transition into Valentine's Day, rose petals were added to the floor.

For the tree, I cut out a bunch of red hearts.

People were asked to write on the hearts things that they love.

March obviously brought green for St. Patrick's Day.

Shamrocks everywhere.

I don't quite remember if Easter was in March or April, but pastel eggs and spring animals were added to the tree next.

After the Easter tree was the May flower tree. (:

At some point, the raven was given an eye to look less creepy, but now it's like the Mona Lisa and follows you wherever you go.

Music notes and musical instruments were added to the tree in June, but I don't seem to have any pictures of that. :(

Independence Day in July brought fireworks - used fireworks of course!

Nothing was really changed on the tree for August, but here's a cool picture of the lobby decorated for pat's birthday party!

The next holiday the tree was decorated for was Halloween! Halloween is probably our favorite holiday haha. (Yes, mom, I know that Halloween is not actually a holiday.)

I love the bats! And Edgar Allan Poe! (I was asked if it was Bill Murray...looks more like James Hall to me.)

creating the decorations

a bunch of our musicians have the raven image (on the orange circle) as a tattoo.

that creepy plush thing is supposed to be Poe also

Right before Thanksgiving, pat made a gobbler for the raven!

The rest of the Thanksgiving decorations didn't go up until two days before the holiday...

I made hand turkeys.

I love the pumpkin pie slices!!

This weekend I got to decorate for Christmas! We have so many ornaments. There was one for practically every branch of the tree, and only three didn't survive the year in storage.

I love love love this picture.

I still love these.

Christmas 2012
pat wanted there to be remnants of each holiday left on the tree all year. There are still rose petals from Valentine's Day, a shamrock from St. Patrick's Day, Easter egg lights, a daisy or two, music notes and musical instruments, a grenade, Edgar Allan Poe, and a couple turkeys.

What a year.

It was so cool going through my iPhoto to find pictures of the tree from each month. (:

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