Thursday, January 31, 2013


well, even though there are still a few hours left of January, I just flipped my desk calendar over to February.

this post is just going to be a bunch of random things going through my head...

why do iOS updates have to take so long? I updated my iPod software last night, and the internet decided to go out for a few minutes in the middle of it. thanks AT&T. thankfully I was able to update my phone with no problems today (:

and I finally turned iMessage off on my iPod today - it was really annoying to get messages on both my iPhone & my iPod.

I wish people would turn their headlights on when they're driving in the snow.

and since I've gotten a few hits from people searching for Red Velvet Pop-Tarts, here are a few more pictures for you guys! they're really really good!

and they actually taste like red velvet.

 toasted delicious-ness!

oh! look at what I got in the mail today!

the GIR spatula that I won over at Wifessionals! (:

we were looking at this in Restaurant Management today. so many amazing sounding restaurants! quite a few different pizza places & grilled cheese restaurants. one of the pizza places (Toppers) has a pizza topped with macaroni & cheese! Jeni's made the list too!

I'm off to work on some Valentine's!

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