Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The End of January

How can it already be nearly a month into 2013? That's crazy!

This post is just some random ramblings and some pictures (:

I love seeing what people search to get to my blog - looks like those Pop-Tarts are pretty popular! (:

There was also a search today for "Delaney Davidson Little Heart through the snow" which I think is perfect for right now, because it has snowed all day, and the wind is blowing too!

We got this vintage Formica table a few weeks ago at work. It has matching chairs, but one of them needs to be replaced before we can put them out. The brass on the edges of the table and leafs were so tarnished and nasty, but Bar Keeper's Friend and some elbow grease cleaned 'em all up!! I wish I had taken before and after shots!

So even though it's been snowing all day, I still went over to do some office work this morning. The roads are pretty bad, and my sister's boyfriend even got in an accident on his way to work today. This week, we've actually gotten quite a bit of snow, but it melts a day or two later, since our temperatures keep fluctuating.

There will be quite a few snow pictures in Friday's January iPhone update.

After doing my office work today, I went to my favorite coffeehouse (the green one!) for a caramel crunch cocoa and some reading. Geri X's "You Can Have Me" was playing when I walked in. The snow was dripping down the windows of the coffeehouse like rain!

And I got some color in the mail today: the new Lilly Pulitzer catalog!

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