Friday, January 25, 2013

It's January Twenty-fifth.

Today is the twenty-fifth of January. And if you don't know what that means to me, I'll tell you.

Two years ago, I dropped off the GTI at my dad's office like any other morning and walked across the street to school. I came back to his office after school and he said, "You can take the pretty car."

Wait. Let me back up.

On the eighteenth of December, 2010, one of our family friends traded in his Volkswagen Beetle (after a few years of touring the U.S. and Canada) for a van more suitable for a life on the road. I wanted the Beetle before it even got here. I remember excitedly telling my friends about it at lunch one day after it got here. After extensive cleaning, sticker removing, and a windshield replacement (thank you, thank you, thank you Brian!), the Beetle was finally ready for me.

So, that Tuesday, I drove the Beetle home and exchanged my school bag for my purse, and I made my first trip over the steel bridge (we have three bridges in our tiny town that connect the island [technically] to the mainland of Wisconsin) to the green coffeehouse where I treated myself to a strawberry smoothie.

It was the first time in about seven months that I had driven a car with an automatic transmission, so it was a little weird at first.

That night was the boys' last home swim meet {I was one of the managers of the boy's swim team my senior year hahaha} and therefore it was parents' night. It was the only home meet they won that year.

And those are my recollections of that very first day.

25 January 2011

The notes that I have about last year include going back to the green coffeehouse for a strawberry smoothie, a consultation for getting my wisdom teeth removed, and watching the Help at my aunt & uncle's house! (:

25 January 2012

And while there won't be a trip to the coffeehouse for a smoothie this year (I have to work in two hours and it's snowing, ergo I'm not leaving until I have to leave), there will be a steering wheel picture.

For the record - I did put more than 2.5k miles on Luna this year. haha.

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