Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Heart

little heart, go slow
I'm already here, you know
over the lake you see the wind blow
through the trees, and through the snow
winter comes around
the heart gets slow, the senses all shut down
resistance in the coil
the teacup waits, as the water starts to boil
live according to the seasons
in the home where I was born
things have gotta have a reason
the sun don't come before the dawn
the little man must go
choke the business down, the river thick and slow
a dirty meddling hand
will drive the value down and buy up all the land
see the head, the head is floating
the body sits there all alone
grandpa, see, the world is changing
the little boy has left the home

Little Heart written and performed by Delaney Davidson, with melaniejane on cello

Delaney's words on the song: "little heart, politics and generation gaps can separate families, random beliefs or beliefs in beliefs, drawing lines that shouldn't exist.. when does the beauty of conviction become a pompous alienating conceit, and when does love step in to erase the barriers that separate us... Age, Money, Status, Persuasion..."

(all information above from the liner notes of Self Decapitation)

liner notes from Self Decapitation

I absolutely love this song. Not only is this the second to last song that I listen to every night, but I've actually listened to this song over a thousand times. It's best live of course!

Delaney himself is a pretty incredible man. I am so glad that I have had the chance to not only meet him {in the summer of 2009}, but I have also had the chance to see him perform live five times. He was even a guest at my seventeenth birthday party, and at my grandparents' house on Independence Day for a fish boil!

I have had a few interesting conversations with him too. Maybe it's just because I love listening to his accent... {he's from New Zealand}

my seventeenth birthday - with pat mAcdonald, melaniejane, & Delaney Davidson // photo by my mom

{I must admit that I am forever envious of pat's shirt}

I love this action shot I got of him in June!

I also really love his songs "I Told a Secret," "Wicked Wiggler," "In the Aisles," "Time Has Gone," "Frontseat," "Girl in White," "Poison Song," "Stone Song," "I'm a Fool," "Around the World," "In the Pines," "Lackie's Men," "Back in Hell," "Homeward Bound," "Magpie Song," "Bad Luck Man," "I'm So Depressed," "Another Man's Eyes," "You're a Loser," "So Long," "River of Misery," "It's So Good," and "Windy City." {wow that quickly turned into a long and depressing list of song titles. my apologies.}

me & Delaney; 13 June 2012 // photo by Abi

Anyway, back to the song.

It is forever etched into my heart. I love it so much, and I am forever grateful for not only this man, but the wonderful people who brought him into my life. I love you all.

and here's the official music video for Little Heart. Directed by Damien Shatford.

I must admit that Delaney with a beard totally scares me.

visit Delaney here.

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