Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Month by iPhone: December 2012

How can it already be 2013?!? That's so crazy. I turn 20 this year! Ohhh God, I feel old. And I graduate from college in December!!!

Anyway, here are some Instagrams from this crazy month (:

{new} vintage mini silverware

birds' nest

Luna got waxed to prepare for winter! (:

un-boxing the Christmas ornaments at work

my mom made really good chocolate chip cookies!

at the ortho for the first of three times in December...

Dad's office

bracelet from The Meraki Menagerie

Space Kitty Blues!!!

historic room

pink & brown

part of my Christmas decorations at the motel (:

I really love clouds.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall // the complete lyrics {autographed copies}

part of my Christmas gift from my ten month old cousin - he walked around his house with this chocolate bar in his mouth! haha.

apple pie on Christmas

for Christmas a year or two ago, we received music-themed poetry magnets for the motel. my manager recently picked up the rapper edition. haha.

my manager's beautiful flowers!!

grey day.

Max is obsessed with his new mouse! thanks, Evani!!


Christmas present from my dad {Pancake Slim Western shirt}

I love this plate and the boomerang counter! {this photo is over-saturated}

outfit of the day for 31 December, and a photobomb by Max (:

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