Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This past week has been filled with quite a bit of shopping! (:

I had to buy my books for this semester of college (which starts tomorrow), and I also picked up a few other things (like some unpictured Vera Wang thank you cards from TJ Maxx).

candy cane pajama pants from Old Navy! (clearance - $5)

cheetah print fleece blanket also from Old Navy (clearance - $5)

I found these at Goodwill. {they were brand new, or I wouldn't have gotten them} $4

Target/Nieman Marcus holiday items were 70% off at Target! got this MJ scarf for $21 & it's still on the hanger in my room! ha. I also got a new grey peacoat at Target for $25 (50% off).

mega clearance at Barnes & Noble got me three books (50% off + 10% of with membership) for $20!

I fell in love with these measuring cups at Target a few weeks back. I looked them up online, I found more items in the collection. measuring cups // storage containers // measuring spoons

And I finally painted my nails for the first time since October! This is OPI's Swimsuit...Nailed It! from their Miss America collection a year or two ago. There are still six unused nail colors on my bookshelf...haha.
Sorry about my thumb - got a little excited opening my Amazon package and I got stabbed my my letter opener...

After I have some lunch, I'm going to head downtown to the post office to exchange my American Eagle jeans (they changed their inseam lengths and now the longs are way way way too long!), and check out the new Vera Bradley at my retailer! I'm in love with Go Wild!


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