Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Cara Box Reveal

I believe that the Cara Box Exchange gets better every time. If you haven't heard of Cara Box before, basically you get paired up with two people who you get to know over a two month period before you send a box of goodies + a note of encouragement to one of them and receive a box from the other person.

I was paired with two awesome ladies this moth. Sonya blogs over at Sea Salt and Caramel, and while she is originally from France, she is currently located in southern California. She is also still in college, but her college is a lot different from mine.

Tiffany blogs at d'Asti at Tiffany's, and she sent me my Cara Box from Louisiana! Like me, Tiffany works at a hotel, but the hotel she works for is much bigger than the one I work at.

I think that it is so cool that this month I was paired up with people who are similar to me, but we have differences in our lives, and I really enjoyed getting to know both of them!

I found that leaf on the ground when I was bringing in the mail the day my Cara Box came in the mail, so I picked it up to use as a prop! (:

neutral leaf-print scarf
candy corn
glittery pumpkin
mouse for Max (:

and a pretty card!

Thank you so much, Tiffany, for the wonderful package! Max loves his mouse too!

Want to see what I sent Sonya? Here's her reveal post!

I really enjoyed getting to know Sonya and Tiffany this month! If you're interested in participating in the Cara Box Exchange with Wifessionals, click the black button below.

{let's file this post under "Teresa uses her kitchen floor to take pictures again..."}


Cara Box


  1. I think your kitchen floor adds to the fall theme. Kinda of brownish? Haha idk. But yay!

  2. This is awesome! I love the scarf!

  3. The scarf and the card are both so pretty! We have a Jelly Belly Warehouse 3 minutes from my house and they do tours and stuff all the time (and give out free jelly belly beans) and I didn't know they make candy corn. Yum!

  4. What a cool idea! The card is just perfect.


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