Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

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Transitioning from the public education system to college is quite strange. Before, the taxes that our parents paid covered the costs of our education, but then when you get to college, you have to pay for your classes, your books, and if you go to a larger school, probably your dorm and meal plans as well. This is all on top of the other costs of living, unless you are lucky enough to have someone helping you out or a scholarship.

Life is expensive! Back in July, I posted about Campus Book Rentals, and how they help cut the cost of college textbooks.

As soon as I learned which books I would need for my classes this semester, I looked to see if they were available on Campus Book Rentals. I needed only two books this semester, and of those two books, I was able to find the book that I needed for my Event Marketing class.

I was thankful that Campus Book Rentals has a flexible renting period, because it seems as though my school goes a little bit longer than typical colleges and universities. And did I mention that they have free shipping both ways on top of the savings of 40-90% off bookstore prices? One less thing for me to think about! When I received my textbook much earlier than I had expected, it was packaged with the hot pink bubble mailer that I will be using when I return my Sports Marketing book in a few weeks.

Not only does Campus Book Rentals work hard to save you money, but with every book rental, they donate to a cause called Operation Smile, which helps to save children who were born with cleft lips and cleft palates.

What if you already bought your textbooks from the college bookstore? You can always rent them out to other students using Rent Back by Campus Book Rentals.

I had such a great experience this semester with Campus Book Rentals, and I think this is something that I can use as part of my twenty by twenty goal of being more frugal this year. Do you have any great tips to save money during college?

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  1. I think it's a great idea! I have two shelves of college course books that I will never, ever read again. Renting would have been much better than buying all that crap!


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