Monday, November 4, 2013

The Month by iPhone: October 2013

here are some iPhone captures from this past month!

people sometimes complain about how Luna smells like crayons, so I bought an air freshener at Bath & Body Works, and I got the frosted cupcake insert! (: I think I'm on a skull kick as of late!

I bought a set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls at a thrift store. this is the smallest one, and the largest one has the same color scheme, but the medium one is white with a mustard design. they are really heavy and so beautiful!

I saw this under the Christmas tree at work, and had to laugh, even though I thought it was sad. I think my instagram caption for this one was "broken hearted and lying on the floor." the ornament was a gift from a guest around Valentine's Day, so I was sad to have to throw it away.

I love the things that people write with the magnets on the fridge in the diner.

calavera print from Tried & True! I just love her printables! (:

OPI Goldeneye

my dad gave me this magnet. I couldn't agree more.



  1. I love your nail polish! It's too bad about the heart. I have a camel a guest gave me on my desk and if it got broken...I'd be shattered.

  2. What pretty pictures! Loving that gold sparkle nail polish! And that's so sad about the ornament. How symbolic haha! And that magnet is just awesome!


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