Monday, November 11, 2013

Twenty While Twenty Progress

{reusing this picture from Hwy 42 near Northport!}

You can find all twenty of my goals on this post!

6. create a Facebook fan page for my photography.

completed on September 19th.

8. read twenty books.

I've read six so far! I'm a little bit ahead on this one, but I need to read some more soon to stay on top of this goal.

9. blog at least twice a week.

there was a week or two where my posts weren't that great, but there were still two there. I also completed Blogtember with Jenni {Story of My Life}.

12. send out one piece of real mail each month.

going strong on this one! August, September, October, and November have been completed!

13. learn how to be more frugal.

working on this one... kind of. I've been trying to not spend as much money on unnecessary things.

14. take better care of myself.

also kind of working on this one. I took a few long walks in the beginning of September, but I haven't been on one since then. I also have been getting my Nature Box with nutritious and delicious snacks each month.

19. drive up north at least four times.

I've already been up north twice! pictures here {Labor Day} and here & here.


1 comment:

  1. We drove down South and the colors of the trees were amazing!


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