Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October snaps

some miscellaneous shots from October. I wanted to call them random pictures, but then I remembered how my high school prob & stats teacher always said that humans are not capable of random.

I love my Vera Bradley Fringe Scarf in Heather! {Target Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck pocket tee}

let's ignore my neighbor's satellite, and admire their pretty tree.

front porch detail, 3rd Avenue.

White Mountain boots {TJ Maxx} // American Eagle jeggings // Old Navy belt // Mossimo Supply Co. long-sleeve v-neck tee {Target} // Mossimo Supply Co. boyfriend cardigan {Target}

John A. Hutter Memorial Park {as abandoned as Chateau Hutter}

Mossimo Supply Co. boyfriend cardigan {Target} // Old Navy infinity scarf

first snow of the season happened on Wednesday the twenty-third. I tried to take a couple pictures, but it melted so fast! those little white balls (center and lower left of center) are the little snowflakes, I guess.

melted snow & proof that Luna is not white.

so, I brought my camera to work with me in the middle of the month. that's not something that I typically do, because it doesn't exactly fit in my purse, and I don't like to carry around my camera bag, but I wanted to take some pictures in some of the rooms {which I wish I could share! I got an incredibly gorgeous one of one of the rooms! but I don't really feel comfortable sharing too many pictures of the motel at this time.}, so I brought it with me. anyway, we have a tinsel Christmas tree in our lobby year-round, and my hairstylist {everyone here is interconnected, long story.} gave me this ornament for the tree a few months ago. my sister and I actually each have one of these for our tree at home. so that's the long story about this picture.


and those are all of the fun ones for now. tomorrow I'll be recapping on this past weekend!

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Glossy Blonde


  1. LOVE both your scarves!! So so cute!

  2. I love your Vera Bradley scarf! I'm jealous that you get a tinsel tree year round. We get a big Douglas fir in After Thanksgiving and I'm excited!

  3. The Vera Bradley scarf! Love love love it! And I want one! Ah! And the boots! They look even cuter on! Love them. So many pretty pictures of fall. The leaves have barely fallen off the trees here. I can't believe it's already snowed where you are! Crazy!

  4. I love all of these fall photos! Beautiful!


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