Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5/52 2014

Be prepared to see lots of pink and red around here for the next few weeks. I'm working hard to spread lots of Valentine's cheer this year. (:

This challenge is already approximately 10% of the way over! Still going strong! (:

day twenty-nine :: daily journaling

day thirty :: Annie's Homegrown makes my favorite mac & cheese. seriously, these are so adorable.

day thirty-one :: a little reading before work.

day thirty-two :: already February! {old Bebe and Louis Vuitton ads / flowers from senior [rose] and sophomore [carnations] year Valentine's Days / sophomore Prom corsage / Audrey Hepburn Graphique calendar}

day thirty-three :: filling out my schedule before going to work {MayBooks planner // Vera Bradley Brush & Pencil in Paisley Meets Plaid}

day thirty-four :: Valentine prep! {all from Target except the stamps}

day thirty-five :: I filled out my Valentines for my Thursday morning tumbling class! These are pretzels like the pat and jack-o-lantern ones for Halloween, except they're shaped like racecars and tiaras! (: {found at Target, of course}


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