Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Official.

I have a problem. I have too much stuff. I have three giant bags of stuff that I am taking to Goodwill today. Clothes, stationery, trinkets, etc. I donated a bag of books to the library. I've been throwing things out left and right, including about a dozen lip glosses and a handful of old receipts.

It's funny, when you start to get ready to move {nothing official yet}, you realize how much stuff you really have. I would say "how many things," but honestly, a lot of it just seems like "stuff."

While I've been able to remove some of these things from my life, there are things that I cannot get rid of.

My Vera Bradley collection is now so large that it can't even fit in one picture. You can't even tell what half of the things in that top picture are, all you can see are colors. I would say that about half of these items were gifts or purchased with gift cards. A couple years ago I was really into Vera Bradley. I still like all of the bright colors, but it's a little too flashy for me now. A lot of these pieces are really special to me because of where I used them. It's kind of weird to look at this picture and think that a purse is so special to me, but I digress.

I've actually started selling some of this on eBay, and I think those two pencil boxes {Poppy Fields and Very Berry Paisley - both unused} are next to be listed.

There are fifty-seven lip balms in this picture. All but three of them are Lip Smackers, which I still buy when I find them on clearance at Target. I am a total twelve year old, but I love the flavors. My favorite ones would have to be the chocolate mint and vanilla ones. Some of these are actually the same flavor in different packaging. And I actually have a few more in the top drawer of my desk and my purse.

Most of these mini hand sanitizers are barely used. That's about to change, because I just put one in my purse, and I'm going to keep going through them until they're gone. I have a ton of half-used lotions that I've been making more of a point to use as well. It's kind of sad, but kind of funny that I still buy this stuff when I already have so much of it.

I also have a shelf full of blank notecards {mostly thank you cards} because I love to buy pretty stationery. Target carries a line called Green Room which I really like, and I have found some nice Graphique cards at TJ Maxx. I also do not need any more nail polish! I bought a mini set of four OPI and two regular size bottles of essie when I was at TJ Maxx a month ago, and then my manager gifted me a bottle, and then Influenster sent me three more bottles. They literally don't even fit on the shelf anymore.

In addition to these store-bought possessions that I hold on to, I also have a box full of cards that I've been sent the past few years, mostly birthday cards, but also Christmas cards, graduation cards, and other personal notes. I really love mail. Many years ago, I received a trapperkeeper for my birthday {must have been about ten/eleven years ago now; I think I was in fifth grade?}, and it is now filled with some random artifacts like stickers and little notes and tiny snippets of my life. Plus there are all of the laminates from the events that I've been a part of at work. I should take the lanyards off of those and bring them back to reuse them...

Please tell me I'm not the only one with too many things I can't let go of.


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  1. I have a cedar chest and that's where I store my "special" things. I love purses, and Ver Bradley makes very durable bags. The diaper bags in particular are really sturdy.
    You can always take a photos of each card and special item and then print the photos and put them in a scrap book. My Mom started doing that and it's really cut down on her hoarding (not that you're a hoarder lol.)


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