Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6/52 2014

You have no idea how excited I am to share this week and next week's photo a day posts!! It's an event week, which means I will be sharing lots of behind-the-scenes photos, and maybe a performance picture or two!

Wednesday 5 February // day thirty-six :: a small gift for a great friend {the mini books are from Social Print Studio, which I cannot say enough good things about!}

Thursday 6 February // day thirty-seven :: did you know that they make chocolate Cheerios? they are delicious!

Friday 7 February // day thirty-eight :: this doesn't look too comfortable, Max.

Saturday 8 February // day thirty-nine :: coat & scarf

Sunday 9 February // day forty :: Valentine's cookies on a Halloween platter. You shouldn't be surprised.

Monday 10 February // day forty-one :: abandoned guitar

Tuesday 11 February // day forty-two :: it's always morning here.



  1. I did know they make chocolate cheerios, but I've never tried them myself!

  2. Random abandoned guitar? Finders keepers! JK.


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