Wednesday, April 9, 2014

14/52 2014

We got some more snow and ice this week, but now it's in the fifties, so it's going to start to melt and become spring! I can't wait for the grass to turn green instead of brown!

I had another busy week of work at the motel and classes with my preschool kids. It was a slower weekend at the motel, but it's going to start getting really busy very soon!

Wednesday 2 April // day ninety-two :: ginger candy from my manager. it's from Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor, a place I have always meant to go in, but never have.

Thursday 3 April // day ninety-three :: I never want to forget that there was a pineapple doorknocker on the door to my childhood home.

Friday 4 April // day ninety-four :: Chocolate Therapy is the best kind of therapy.

Saturday 5 April // day ninety-five :: I love finding a use for random little things that I find while cleaning. this little platter was a gift from my aunt and uncle when hey went to Mexico. (if I remember correctly.)

Sunday 6 April // day ninety-six :: cloud cover.

Monday 7 April // day ninety-seven :: I had plans of making dinner from scratch, but then I got home from the grocery store and didn't feel like cooking, so I just put a pizza in the oven. I think it was in for a minute or two too long.

Tuesday 8 April // day ninety-eight :: my dad's cassette collection, with a few cassettes mixed in that were probably mine or my sister's. I wonder how many times I listened to that Hanson cassette. I'm thinking that some of these will need to go in my car so I can listen to them!


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  1. I use the cassette player in my car to hold my Iphone 5. It fits perfectly!
    I actually buy pineapple home decor whenever I see it (rarely.) It's the symbol of our profession, and I love what I do!


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