Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Month by iPhone: March 2014

A lot of these first pictures are similar to/pretty much the same as some pictures from my trip to Minneapolis during the first week of March. There are a lot of pictures this month!

I totally can't believe that the year is already a quarter of the way over! Time seems to go by so quickly.

I worked at Arby's for about two and a half years, and the times when I was able to get a free shake were definitely my favorite. Every spring, I still get cravings for a mint chocolate swirl shake. They put whipped cream and Andes candies on the medium ones now, so of course the cashier talked me into that. He also decided that my name is spelled "Terrisa." hmmm...

I made it to downtown Minneapolis!!!

Because I'm not yet 21, when I checked in, they had to send security up to my room to remove the alcohol. I found it humorous that they left the jar of olives. And the part that I had an even bigger laugh about? When I got home, I saw a $136.49 charge on my credit card from the hotel. I had paid for the room in advance, and the wifi charge was on my other card. I called to ask about it, and they said that there were some minibar charges, and I told the guy that I didn't take anything out of the minibar, but that they removed the alcohol when I checked in because I was under 21. You would think that they would have some communication about removing stuff from the rooms.

Chai tea latte and a cinnamon roll for breakfast at Panera!

These chairs in the lobby of the W - Foshay Tower are so glamorous.

I fell in love with everything during my first visit to IKEA.

I had their fiesta salad for lunch, and it was delicious!

Cupcake time! This is the Dreamsicle from Yum! Kitchen and Bakery.

Breakfast at Bob's Java Hut: blueberry muffin & a mocha.

Exposed brick love at the Mill City Museum.

Looking down from the eighth floor at the Mill City Museum. Unfortunately, they close the courtyard in the winter.

One last picture from the Mill City Museum. This part of the exhibit was talking about a meal made for the millworkers.

Cookies and cream cupcake and raspberry dark chocolate macaron from Cupcake. They were both delicious, and the shop is so cute. This was actually the first macaron I have ever had!

The 3D menu at Galactic Pizza made me think of my friend, Kim Manning, who is putting out her next album (Space Queen) in 3D.

Canadian bacon, because that's not something I can get at home! (from Galactic Pizza)

"in my head it's always morning" - Belly Up by Geri X

Calendar Girl (chocolate salted caramel) and a hot chocolate from Glam Doll Donuts

I fell in love with the furniture and all of the fun decorations at Glam Doll Donuts. It's like a vintage pinup heaven.

Luna and I visited the Cathedral of St. Paul on Ash Wednesday.

Here's the front view of the Cathedral.

...and then we went to Electric Fetus.

Lunch at Bad Waitress featured some formica and red plastic cups, which was rather familiar.


IKEA breakfast.

dishes buckled up for safety (and a long drive)!

Pretty mugs at their new home.

chocolate chip cookie courtesy of Margaret!

footprints up the wall

I can write on the mirrors, because I clean the mirrors.

Steve Madden Savvior black leather riding boots, American Eagle jeggings, Gap colorblock leather belt, Gap Bowery black v-neck long-sleeve tee,  Target Mossimo Supply Co. long & lean tank, Target Mossimo Supply Co. cardigan

pike bear stamp from KinderCubs! {there's one on each hand. haha.}

 in the blender: strawberries, spinach, and strawberry-raspberry yogurt

we have about sixty Route 66 photos on the wall in the lobby. I was cleaning them, and I decided that I like this angle. {photos by Kacey Hembel}

diner mugs! the front left is actually a light pink.

kickstarter perks from my dear friend miss Geri X

lines and clouds.

cutest measuring cups!

new labels for the sugar and creamer shakers.

garlic-ginger flowers.

one of us is a little bit OCD about the plate-stacking. clearly that's me.

sunset Saturday {22 March}

sunset Sunday {23 March}

third sunset in a row.

I didn't feel like going back outside to put Luna in the garage last Wednesday night because it was too cold. I woke up and found out that it snowed a few inches of wet, heavy snow. I went outside and took a picture right before I was leaving, and I didn't like the angle of the first one. Right before I took this picture, this snow fell off, and as I was typing a caption for Instagram, another big chunk fell off. I was glad that some of it already fell off {and that my dad came by and plowed}, but I was really annoyed with all of the snow.

essie shake your $$ maker // Gap Bowery long-sleeve v-neck tee // Target Mossimo Long & Lean tank // Target lace skirt // Steve Madden leggings // Steve Madden Savvior leather riding boots

Geri was annoyed that all of the spoons were different sizes, and after she used a couple of them for Live Fast, Die Young, she left them and the pot and pan next to me. haha.

a postcard from a friend who is wintering in California. seeing his pictures on instagram of beaches and warmth makes me jealous!

old school throwback.

raspberries!!! when I buy berries, I either soak them in vinegar water, and/or I slice and freeze them right away, which seems to keep them fresh longer.

smoothie prep! strawberries, bananas, and raspberries in my Fred and Friends Store-M matryoshka storage containers.


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