Wednesday, April 23, 2014

16/52 2014

all I can say is: marathon week. this rest of April is going to be crazy.

Wednesday 16 April // day one hundred six :: a well-rounded breakfast.

Thursday 17 April // day one hundred seven :: another fresh dusting of snow.

 Friday 18 April // day one hundred eight :: I love this Calavera tote from World Market, but I don't use it very much!

Saturday 19 April // day one hundred nine :: baking brownies for Easter {I used this recipe}

Sunday 20 April // day one hundred ten :: my twelve (?) year old cousin hid the eggs around my grandparents' house. I think he did a pretty good job! this one is my favorite because it made me laugh!

Monday 21 April // day one hundred eleven :: Easter leftovers for dinner. {Martha Stewart's mac and cheese, ham, and some sort of cheesy mashed potatoes with onions}

Tuesday 22 April // day one hundred twelve :: a scene from the lobby. those vintage Rubbermaid kar-rug coasters are so adorable. and I love this little skull guy. his head moves back and forth when you shake him, and it makes the most awful noise, though.


1 comment:

  1. Ha! The egg with the deviled eggs is so cute.


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