Thursday, April 17, 2014

thank you notes

today I'm joining Kiki and Jess for The Circle! I've linked up a few other times, but since I've been doing photo posts every Wednesday, I haven't been. so I'm linking up a day late, but that's okay. (:

this month's theme is thank you notes - serious, funny, sarcastic... let's see what I've got.

{these notecards are from Target about a year and a half ago - I love the greenroom line}

thank you Mother Nature for proving that the calendar doesn't determine the weather.

thank you three littles for brightening my morning yesterday. it is always so great to get to spend some time with great kids like you!

thank you KinderCubs classes for the short workouts a few times a week. I can definitely say that my v-sit has improved!

thank you Social Print Studio for making me want to spend all of my money on photographs and photo things like magnets and books. {I ordered a set of magnets last night, and I want to put together a photo book from my Minneapolis trip!}

thank you Pinterest for making summer camp planning much easier.

thank you moving for making me do some necessary purging. and also for helping me come across some things that bring back sweet memories.

thank you hairstylist not only for getting rid of my split ends and making my hair seem more manageable, but also for the nice chat.

thank you working in the dining room for making me want to constantly snack on things.


In Its Time


  1. The weather really has been crazy! What the heck?

  2. Fun!! I love social print studio and I've worked with them many times. Such great people!

  3. How cute! I need to get on making a photo book...Mother's day is coming up.

  4. Those note cards are so adorable.

  5. I adore those note cards! How fun.

  6. Little kids are the best, right? Even though they can drive me crazy, they're also some of the cutest, most loving, and silliest people on earth. :) Are you leading a summer camp this summer? Sounds exciting! :)

    Thanks for linking up!
    p.s. Those note cards are THE cutest! :)

  7. Ha! I totally agree about Mother Nature vs. the calendar! And those note-cards are the best!


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