Wednesday, April 30, 2014

17/52 2014

Yet another crazy week. I move tomorrow, and hopefully things will start to calm down a little bit while I get settled and unpack. I'm sure that next week's set will include some sneak peeks to what my new apartment looks like!

Wednesday 23 April // day one hundred thirteen :: a painting I did in kindergarten. except the pink and purple cloud was part of the painting from the boy next to me. I still don't understand how that ended up on my portion of the paper.

Thursday 24 April // day one hundred fourteen :: I finally got my updated certification card. just please don't make me use this knowledge.

Friday 25 April // day one hundred fifteen :: NatureBox time! read about the contents here.

Saturday 26 April // day one hundred sixteen :: let's keep it real. this is what my dining room table looks like most of the time, except usually there's a camera sitting there too.

Sunday 27 April // day one hundred seventeen :: my mom went on a trip to the east coast, and she brought me this plus some Biscoff cookies from the plane. ha!

Monday 28 April // day one hundred eighteen :: café latte Greek yogurt (Dannon Oikos) with chocolate frosted mini wheats. odd. very odd.

Tuesday 29 April // day one hundred nineteen :: packing means lots of stacks of random things and boxes everywhere. I can't wait to be done.


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  1. Moving is such fun though! I've been looking for a new place, but since I want to be downtown there aren't a lot of options right now. Next time I move I'm just paying my Mom to pack up boxes and hiring movers to move everything. It took three days to move to our current home because I couldn't get off work and my Husband is an unorganized fool lol.


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