Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014 NatureBox

NatureBox got a facelift with some new packaging! They're in the middle of switching over, so some things are still in old packaging, so as to not waste all of the old stuff. They also have this great new feature called the Snack Pantry, where you can queue up the snacks that you want for your next boxes, which I found super helpful!

{I had some problems with preset white balance, so coloring might be a little off in some of these pictures.}

Mismatched packaging and a note about the facelift and new feature from NatureBox.

Toasted Sesame Stix :: random extra snack, which I'm probably going to give to someone, because I don't really care for sesame; it's too salty for me.

Golden Apple Tea Biscuits :: These were definitely my favorite this month! Tiny little cookies with a buttery shortbread taste and chunks of apple - yum!

Italian Bistro Pretzels :: The last time I received pretzels from NatureBox, I didn't really like them, but I really liked these! They are dusted with a garlic-y Parmesan mix, and they have the perfect kick. Some of them weren't coated, which was a good break, because they did get pretty hot after having a few.

Honey Crunch Crisps :: Had I realized that these were sesame, I probably wouldn't have gotten them. Or maybe I got them because I thought that the sweet would outweigh the salty. It doesn't. These are okay, but I wouldn't get them again.

Açaí Berry Crunch :: I love granola. This was kind of like a coconut macaroon granola, with a little bit of an almost blueberry taste. There are also a few cranberry pieces in here, but not a lot.

Sunshine Chips :: I got these for Ashleigh! These include sweet potato, squash, taro, carrot, and green bean. These are definitely weird. I don't even really know how to describe them. They all kind of taste the same to me, like frozen vegetables, except they're crunchy.


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  1. I was like, wow that persona spells their name just like me! (I'm a nerd.) It's too bad they weren't good, because they look good! I'm gonna try making my own vegetable chips and see how it goes. The apple biscuit things look yummy though!


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