Thursday, April 10, 2014


Erin did a fun post about her life in numbers, and I contemplated doing a similar post. Then Halie did one too, and I knew that it would be a really fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! (:

112,696 :: number of miles on my Volkswagen Beetle

0 :: number of times I've been outside of North America

1305 :: number of songs on my iTunes

5 :: number of times I have seen Delaney Davidson in concert

8 :: number of cameras I have owned

1 :: number of tattoos I currently have

12 :: number of Geri X cds I own {plus a few more just on iTunes}

4 :: number of schools I have attended

22 :: number of black shirts I own + 1 black sweater + 2 black cardigans + 1 black hooded sweatshirt

55 :: number of Lip Smacker lip balms I own {some of these are the same flavor in different packaging}

95 :: number of profile pictures I have had on Facebook in a little more than seven years

22,909 :: number of photos currently in my iPhoto {the main reason I back my computer up every month}

4 :: number of pairs of boots I own {also the number of pairs of heels I own}

16 :: number of letters in my full name

3 :: number of hotels I've stayed at in the past five months

4.1 :: number of years I have been with my current job

{I would have counted all of my books, but they are all over in a bunch of different boxes and places right now.}


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  1. This is fun! I may just do something like this for my next blog post!


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