Wednesday, May 14, 2014

19/52 2014

I just realized that four of these seven pictures have my tablecloth as the background. I guess I need to work on not taking so many pictures in the dining room. Two of the other pictures were taken from just a few feet away.

Wednesday 7 May // day one hundred twenty-seven :: Tuesday was Teacher Appreciation Day. I didn't know this until one of my kids showed up for class on Wednesday morning and gave me this. So sweet!

Thursday 8 May // day one hundred twenty-eight :: birthday treat from Miss Mia!

Friday 9 May // day one hundred twenty-nine :: letter writing mess on the dining room table.

Saturday 10 May // day one hundred thirty :: I love clean dishes and the little pops of color.

Sunday 11 May // day one hundred thirty-one :: this actually isn't for my mother. oops.

Monday 12 May // day one hundred thirty-two :: moody Monday. grey rainy day.

Tuesday 13 May // day one hundred thirty-three :: sweet thank you note from my favorite four-year-old!


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