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Travel Tuesday: Whistler/Vancouver, British Columbia

Helene used to do a linkup on Tuesdays for travel posts, and this was written in April 2013, with the intention of posting it to linkup! It's been sitting in my drafts for over a year, and I really want to publish it, so here it is.


Linking up once again with Helene! I love this linkup because it's so fun to read about other people's vacations and see their pictures of their travels!

My short list of travels is quickly ending, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve for some upcoming weeks! (:

This post is heavier on words than pictures, since I wasn't the greatest at documenting things when I was fifteen.

Anyway. So in August of 2008, literally the day after I turned fifteen, my parents and I went to Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia for about a week. We spent a majority of our stay in Whistler, and one day + one night in Vancouver. We flew into Vancouver and then took a shuttle bus (2-3 hours, I think) up into the mountains.

We stayed in the village of Whistler, where there are no cars; it is relatively easy to walk everywhere. There were lots of stores, restaurants (including three Starbucks), and hotels nearby.

My dad participated in a three day downhill biking camp while we were there. While we were there, Crankworx was happening. Crankworx is an annual ten-day biking festival. Because of the festival, there were a lot of booths, tents, and other activities going on in the streets during our stay.

This picture was taken from somewhere in the village, with a hotel on either side, the mountain in the middle, and then you can see some of the tents from the festival in the center.

On our second full day in Whistler, Mom and I went on a zipline tour. "Our guides were Sue and Richard, a really hot guy from New Zealand. He had a nice accent." {taken directly from my journal hahaha}

Here I am on one of the ziplines! The longest line that we did was as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall!

The view from the mountains.

My mom and I would go for walks through the village during the day. We found the beautiful library, and a grocery store that wasn't in the village area that we were in {it was just outside the car-less part}, and I was so fascinated that everything was labeled in French & English. I may or may not have taken pictures of canned SpongeBob pasta and Lucky Charms boxes. {okay, fine, I took pictures of like everything.}

After three full days in Whistler, we took the shuttle back to Vancouver, where we spent a full day. I really wanted to go to the Louis Vuitton store {even though I still can't afford anything from there!}, so we took public transit, aka buses that I did not like, into the main part of the city, and we walked around trying to find the street where all of the high end stores are located. It turns out we walked right past it, but we continued walking until we got to Stanley Park.

I guess I thought this tree was cool?

There was a garden with lots of pretty flowers!

After supper, we must have asked someone how to get to Louis Vuitton, and we found out that we had passed the street that it was located on! We actually went in the bebe store {where my mom got asked to not take pictures of the mannequins haha} that was on the cross-street of where I wanted to be.

I was surprised that there were three Starbucks locations so close to one another in Whistler, but there were so many more in Vancouver! There was one on practically every corner, and there were even two locations that were kitty-corner from one another. Obviously, I am from a small town, where the closest Starbucks is nearly an hour away! (:

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