Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20/52 2014

no dining room table pictures this week! (:

it was another busy week and I am looking forward to having a day off on Monday!!

Wednesday 14 May // day one hundred thirty-four :: wispy clouds and blue skies. this field is "my backyard."

Thursday 15 May // day one hundred thirty-five :: tulips at work.

Friday 16 May // day one hundred thirty-six :: I bought a printer and extra ink, but I forgot the paper... I ended up setting it up that night. there were two pieces of paper included with the printer to test the alignment, and then I got paper a few days later. it was a pain trying to set it up wirelessly with the WPS button, but I figured out that I could just type in my wireless password, which worked!

Saturday 17 May // day one hundred thirty-seven :: how is that even a baby carrot?!?

Sunday 18 May // day one hundred thirty-eight :: paper flowers from my babysitter's wedding years ago

Monday 19 May // day one hundred thirty-nine :: I try to match my socks to the rest of my outfit, especially when I know I'm going to be working in the gymnastics center.

Forever 21 mint and navy colorblock cardigan // Mossimo Supply Co. v-neck pocket tee // American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans // Xhiliration knee-high socks

Tuesday 20 May // day one hundred forty :: the larger one was colored by my favorite four-year-old as a thank you for her birthday present, and I did the smaller two. coloring is very relaxing, and I think that those Lalaloopsy girls are adorable (:


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