Wednesday, May 28, 2014

21/52 2014

Quite a few food pictures this week. There are also a lot of different colors! This weekend was pretty busy at work since it was Memorial Day weekend. I had a fun day off on Monday, and I can't wait to share more pictures of that!

Wednesday 21 May // day one hundred forty-one :: this lunch {grilled cheddar and fuji apple} would have been better executed if I was better at using knives.

Thursday 22 May // day one hundred forty-two :: I was running late {hence the flash and not figuring out the lighting} for a dentist appointment, but I wanted to get a picture of my Converse while they were still clean! {the doormat is from Target}

Friday 23 May // day one hundred forty-three :: I picked up the last load of stuff from the house, so the living room is full again, and that's my excuse for not taking pictures of the apartment yet.

Saturday 24 May // day one hundred forty-four :: I went through those boxes and sorted out what was going to be donated, what was trash/recycling, what I was going to keep, and what I was going to try to give to someone I know instead of just Goodwill. I had to keep these two outfits for my American Girl doll. I still want a skirt like that for myself.

Sunday 25 May // day one hundred forty-five :: I've been doing quite a bit of coloring lately. it's very relaxing. this Dr. Seuss printable can be found here. {of course finding the link that way a few days later led me to the one I originally wanted... haha.}

Monday 26 May // day one hundred forty-six :: Wild Tomato in Fish Creek for dinner with my mom! their pizzas are wood fired. we had ham and pineapple, and it was the best I've ever had, with chunks (not slices) of ham and sweet pineapple.

Tuesday 27 May // day one hundred forty-seven :: green smoothie and lush green grass and leaves. {spinach + banana + peach + chia seeds + water & ice then I added some frozen strawberries after the picture}


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