Friday, May 9, 2014

twenty while twenty {three quarters}

{Easter roses. sadly there were some oversaturation issues when I uploaded it to blogger.}

I only have three more months of being twenty, so here is an update on where I am with the twenty goals that I set for this year!

{all goals on this post}

1. get my own place.

I moved in on the first! I hope to share some pictures soon!

2. take a solo trip.

I went to Minneapolis for a few days in the beginning of March.

8. read twenty books.

I'm reading number thirteen, so I'm a little bit behind, but I am going to try my best to finish these last eight books!

9. blog at least twice a week.

I've kept up with this one, even though it is often hard for me to figure out what to post about! haha.

12. send out one piece of real mail {package, letter, postcard, etc.} each month.

I sent out some Valentines in February, and then in March I sent out some postcards from Minneapolis. I also sent a postcard in April to a friend who's in California, since he sent me one from Malibu. I sent out a couple notes for May!

19. drive up north at least four times.

I went up north for the fourth time in late March, but I didn't take a lot of pictures, and the ones that I took had the settings slightly off.

20. plan a fabulous party for my twenty-first! (:

Thanks to one of my sweet friends, the ball started rolling for the party yesterday - three months before it's going to happen! Wish me luck! (:


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  1. Good luck! I had a roller skating party for my 21st birthday. It was fabulous!


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