Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014 NatureBox

NatureBox was having a sale where certain snacks could be added as an add-on snack for only $1, so I got two bags of a couple snacks, and my box was a little fuller than usual this month. (Add-on snacks are typically $3.)

Coffee Kettle Popcorn :: Of everything I received, I like this snack the least, and it was still good. The coffee-coated popcorn has kind of a burned coffee taste, and that burned taste is why I don't like coffee, but it balanced well with the sweet kettle corn. This was the only snack that I have received form NatureBox that wasn't in a resealable package.

PB&J Granola :: This is one of the snacks that I received two of. I love granola, and this one had dried strawberries in it, so it sounded delicious, and it was! The first bag that I opened only had one strawberry, but there were quite a few in the other one. This is another moist (not crunchy) granola, and it reminded me of the perfect peanut butter cookie.

Apple Pie Oat Clusters :: This is the other snack that I got two of. They are very chewy and not too appley, but they are very good. My only disappointment was that they all stick together in one big clump in the bag!

Lemon Tea Biscuits :: This snack was a substitute, and it was a snack that I wouldn't have picked for myself, as I would have thought that they would be too tart. Like last month's apple cookies, these are a buttery shortbread. I didn't really get a lot of lemon flavor out of them though. (I'm not a huge fan of citrus, so that was okay by me.)

Whole Wheat Apple Pie Figgy Bars :: The filling in these really does taste like apple pie! I just love NatureBox's figgy bars, so these were great as well. And the fact that they're whole wheat makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my body.


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  1. These all seem like something I'd eat, except the pop corn. I make perfect peanut butter cookies FYI!


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