Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Month by iPhone :: June 2014

June. a marathon month with a couple {yes, two} days off. I got to see quite a few of my favorite people, and I got to visit a few of my favorite Door County spots. here are some pictures from this month! I can't believe the year is half over!

aren't these adorable? they're some sort of metal, and they're from the 1950's. I fell in love with them at the thrift store {Roadside Market in Sturgeon Bay}, but I don't have any use for them, so I didn't buy them.

event week calls for some pretties in the kitchen. printable from here.

apparently the golden raspberries were amazing and something that no one had ever seen before. I think I'll have to get some for myself when they go on sale next.

Vee put his Cinderella bandaid on his guitar head! (:

someone brought us pretty purple flowers.

Space Queen writes a set list.

Liv Mueller & Eric McFadden with Victoria Vox. oh what a night. the look on his face makes me laugh.

Schopf's Hill Top Dairy in Carlsville - one of my favorite places to take the kids for summer camp. I just love their ice cream cone slide! (: they have a petting zoo as well, and a program where you can learn about cows and milking. oh and they have awesome ice cream and fudge, along with sandwiches and such in their restaurant/gift shop.

piglets at The Farm! such a classic place to take kids. there are so many different animals to feed and play with. I've come here at least once a summer for as long as I can remember.

they even have peafowl! (:

another animal picture. this squirrel was just hanging out on my balcony for a few minutes, until my neighbor went outside and startled him.

pretty flowers!

Luna's new friend, Zen Bus.

I got to see the last moment of the sunset.

fresh local strawberries!!!!

my new friends (:

part of a fun day with our campers. we did a sidewalk obstacle course. the idea is from Matty Angel, and his is way cooler!

flowers from two of the musicians who spent a week with us (:

then someone else stopped by with a flower! he told me to take it home, but I thought it looked great in the diner.

another flower picture... {all three are from the motel} I like that the flower is poking out through the fence outside (:

cloud love.


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  1. I've never seen golden raspberries! Also girl didn't you know pecox were my thang???!!!


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