Tuesday, August 12, 2014

21st birthday

my birthday was actually very uneventful. I didn't ask off since it was a Saturday (which are usually pretty busy), and I didn't have any actual plans for that day. my birthday party is going to be this weekend, so I asked off for that day to get ready.

on Friday night, my manager invited me to go out at midnight, since it's tradition for them to take out their friends at midnight to ring in their birthdays. I don't really like crowded places, so I passed on that.

I just hung out in the morning and did some writing and reading. I made a pizza and a smoothie for lunch, in case you were wondering.

I headed to work in the afternoon, where I was greeted with some princess flowers.

I got to work working on some cleaning, and my dad stopped in with some more flowers.

after he left, I went upstairs to check the rooms before the guests started to check in, and as I was walking back down the stairs, I saw the florist van, and she was delivering flowers from my mom, who stopped by a little bit later while I was folding some laundry. by this point, the lobby smelled like the florist.

the rest of the evening was very uneventful. I just worked on cleaning up the diner and lobby and I did some laundry and of course interacted with our guests. we had a fun family staying in a few rooms this weekend, and they were great.

I wasn't able to take home all three of the vases, but I did take home the roses with the princess wand from the motel. my manager even got me a super cute cupcake card! (:

I wish I had some exciting story about going out with friends to celebrate, but I guess that will have to wait until next week. (:


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  1. Happy belated birthday! :) Those flowers are so pretty.


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