Friday, August 8, 2014

birthdays past

tomorrow is my 21st birthday! I was originally going to do this post for tomorrow, but then I realized that it's "flashback Friday," so I decided to post this for that instead. (:

we'll work our way backwards, since those pictures are more embarrassing...

I worked at the motel on my 20th birthday, and then Abi and I went to a Todd Carey concert! before I went to work, I had lunch with my parents and grandma at the Inn at Cedar Crossing. I made some delicious cupcakes, and I wrote about my birthday here.

on my 19th birthday, I had camp in the morning and we went to the Coast Guard station. the past two years, we've gone back there for the camp closest to my birthday. on this first year, I read Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday to You, which is my favorite book of his. I probably went out for lunch with my mom and my camp co-counselor, and then for dinner, my parents, sister, and grandparents went to the Cabin. before dinner though, we stopped by the motel two visit two of my lovely bosses (one of which sang me a birthday song) and to see the new ice machine that was purchased that day. we joked that that was my birthday present. (;

{the tiara - which I skipped for my 20th birthday - was something that I had to buy for senior year homecoming court. best $19 I ever spent, as it was used for a couple birthdays and Halloweens, in addition to the two days for homecoming.}

my eighteenth birthday was also a camp day. I have no idea what we did for camp that morning. my mom and I had lunch with my co-counselor at Glas, and then that evening, I had dinner with my sister and parents at the Inn at Cedar Crossing. It started pouring and I had to take my dessert to go. it was a mint chocolate cheesecake, in case you were wondering. this was the day that I purchased the Beetle, and I also went and paid for my first semester of college!

for my 17th birthday, we had family over for dinner and red velvet cake. I also invited pat, melanie, and Delaney, and we took these wonderful photos which make me smile every time I see them.

before the party, I had to teach my class at the Y, and earlier in the day I had lunch with my parents and my supervisor from the Y at Fatzo's (where we used to go all of the time back then), and my parents gave me the gold ring that I wear every day. my mom wanted my dad to be the first to give me a diamond, so my sister and I both received rings for our 17th birthdays.

my sweet sixteen was a bust, but at least I was wearing a Juicy Couture polo. my aunt painted a beautiful painting for me, which is finally hanging up in the entry to my apartment. it sat on my bedroom floor for nearly five years. {you can see the painting here}

a few days before my 15th birthday, I went to Hands On Art Studio with a few of my friends and we painted ceramic flip flops and the first letter of our first name. my parents and I went to British Columbia just after I turned 15, so we just did a family party the day before, and on my birthday, my dad had "Happy Birthday, Teresa!" scrolling on the sign at his office.

I have no recollection of some birthdays before this, but I know that I went mini golfing at Egg Harbor Fun Park {which has really expanded since then} with a friend on my 13th birthday, and I had a cake with horses on it for my 12th birthday.

I went to Hands On Art Studio for my 10th birthday, but that time we painted glasses instead. everyone else painted champagne flutes, and I just did a tumbler.

I'm sure that the blog will be birthday-themed for the next week or so! (:


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  1. How cute! Happy Birthday!


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