Monday, August 11, 2014

camp birthday

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before I actually talk about Thursday, I think that it's important to at least mention how I'm feeling today. a year ago, we lost one of our recording engineers, and it still seems so weird that he is no longer with us. we love you and miss you so much Billy, and we while I wish that you were still here with us, I know that you're keeping an eye on us and helping all of these wonderful things happen.
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I am a counselor at a camp at the Y twice a week, and on Thursday we celebrated my birthday! It was a quick morning, but I feel like it needs some documenting too.

When I first walked into the camp room, there were some balloons for me, a pink one with butterflies that said happy birthday, and a pink and silver tiara balloon that said princess. My co-counselor/supervisor wrote my name on it too. (:

As I mentioned on Friday, we have been going to the Coast Guard station the past few years on the day closest to my birthday. We took the bus out there (always a hit, what is it with kids and buses?), and when we got out there we had our snack. We may only have the kids for three hours, but we have to feed them not only a snack, but also lunch. It makes the day seem so much shorter.

We walked a little bit onto the property of the station and set our stuff in the shade, and then we met up with the two guys who showed us around. The kids got to go on a couple of boats, and they got to turn on the sirens on the second one. There was also a speaker system on the boat and one of the little girls sang, "Happy birthday, Miss Teresa." Did I mention that she has a British accent? So. Adorable.

Once all of the kids had a turn on that boat, we went and saw the air boats which were in the garage/shed. Those are the boats that can go out on the ice.

The guys decided that we could take the kids to learn how to throw a rope to a safety preserver (I wish I had some pictures to try to explain that), and my supervisor, who was trying to get me to take a picture with the Coast Guardsmen, suggested that they throw me in the canal to do that. Thanks... We actually took the kids over to a shady area in the grass. One of the guys (I don't know their names, or what to call them) brought the dog outside, and the kids got to pet Moose.

We had lunch and my supervisor had made cupcakes, which was really nice of her. They were princess themed too. I was supposed to wear my tiara for the day, but I didn't.

One of the guys came back out to give the kids coupons for the frozen yogurt place in town, and I was forced into taking a picture with him.

Aaaaaaand that's my camp birthday.


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