Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 2014 NatureBox

let's preface this by saying that these pictures were taken around nine/ten o'clock at night in a poorly lit kitchen using a flash. oh, and I still don't know very much about my photoshop elements.

moving on.

you know, I don't know what to really say as an introduction, so let's just have some pictures.

that little card was to tell me that one of my snacks had to be replaced, but I don't remember what it was, and I'm kind of wondering if I ever filled that spot in my pantry.

you know, I often get distracted when I'm trying to write these posts because I go and look at the NatureBox website and add new snacks to my pantry. I'm back now!

Salt & Pepper Lentil Loops :: I was a bit nervous about this one, since I've never had lentils before. they were really good! they taste like French fries from somewhere, but I can't figure out where! they do have a little kick to them, but it is quite delicious.

Blueberry Nom Noms :: I was expecting a lot out of these because I really like the dark cocoa ones last month. these weren't as great as those (hello, the other ones were chocolate!), but they aren't bad. they're soft and pillowy little oat cookies (:

French Vanilla Almond Granola :: it's granola. I like granola. I'm satisfied. in case you're wondering, that's caramel yogurt {Yoplait Greek}, which is kind of strange, but very good with an apple!

Blueberry Almond Bites :: these are so cute. they have three different types of rice, and one of them must give them a tiny almost spicy flavor, because I can't figure out what else it would be. cocoa is also listed as an ingredient, but I don't taste it.

Dried Cranberries :: not impressive. this is clearly the replacement snack. I don't really know what to say about these, because they're just like the cranberries that you can buy anywhere. I already have cranberries, and now I have more!


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