Wednesday, August 13, 2014

32/52 2014

My birthday was on Saturday, so most of these pictures are birthday related! My birthday celebration is going to be this weekend, so there will still be a few more birthday pictures (:

Wednesday 6 August // day two hundred eighteen :: I'm usually not very good at giving gifts, but I came up with one that was kind of an inside joke, so I was pretty proud of myself (: he seemed to like it too!

Thursday 7 August // day two hundred nineteen :: balloons from camp because I'm a princess! (:

Friday 8 August // day two hundred twenty :: collecting birthday cards. I actually save birthday cards and other mail, and I love looking back at them later. (:

Saturday 9 August // day two hundred twenty-one :: princess flowers at work (: they even got me a princess wand!

Sunday 10 August // day two hundred twenty-two :: I go to the library every Monday morning, and this is why.

Monday 11 August // day two hundred twenty-three :: waiting for the bridge (:

Tuesday 12 August // day two hundred twenty-four :: I took some pictures of these flowers last night, but the ones from today look so much better because of the lighting in the afternoon as opposed to the artificial light from last night. Why does blogger always oversaturate my pictures of red roses? I promise that it didn't look this saturated when I uploaded it... :(


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  1. Aw, so cute!


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