Wednesday, December 3, 2014

48/52 2014

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it's December. December!! There is less than a month left of this year... I can't comprehend that. So much has happened in the past eleven months. Crazy.

Anyway, here are some {wintery} scenes from this past week.

Wednesday 26 November // day three hundred thirty :: I guess I like taking pictures of squirrels...

Thursday 27 November // day three hundred thirty-one :: so obviously there's a story for this one. it was Thanksgiving morning, and I decided that I should prep the green bean casserole that I had to bring to my grandparents'. I was watching Red Band Society before going to work for a few hours. I realized that I didn't have a can opener, so I tried stabbing the cans with a knife, which clearly didn't work. so I washed the dishes, and as I was drying them and putting them away, thinking about how I would text my mom about borrowing a can opener, I remembered that I did have a blue KitchenAid can opener. I prepped the casserole and baked it later. the people who ate it seemed to like it. the end.

Friday 28 November // day three hundred thirty-two :: still reading.

Saturday 29 November // day three hundred thirty-three :: I hung up a couple more frames in the dining room. I took more of a close-up of the pictures, but then I decided that this was real, so let's just see it all. the middle picture was taken by my dad, but the other two are mine.

Sunday 30 November // day three hundred thirty-four :: I got a new pair of black heels. (: they're the Jayney from Rampage. I just liked that they were less expensive than some at Target, but the little silver logos on the back kind of bother me. (they're really small and no one is going to be looking at that anyway.)

Monday 1 December // day three hundred thirty-five :: it was ten degrees and I practically froze my face off taking this picture.

Tuesday 2 December // day three hundred thirty-six :: one of the things I hope to do this winter is more baking! I received this attachment for my mixer for Christmas two years ago, and it has yet to be taken out of the box!


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  1. That's hilarious about the can opener! I probably would have just gone to the nearest store and bought one because I'm lazy like that. That's good you ended up having one. The pictures your dining room are so pretty! I hope you share some recipes of your future baking endeavors!


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