Tuesday, December 16, 2014

survey says... I'm terrible at titles and answering questions.

I totally stole this from someone's tumblr so that I would have something else to post this week. (:

    1. If you could have chosen your own birth name, what would it be?

I don't know! it's hard because I already know what my name is and I think that it works, so... I was almost a Zoey though!

    2. Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear every single day?

yes, I have a little gold ring in the shape of a heart (it's kind of pretzel-looking) with a diamond in it. my parents gave it to me for my seventeenth birthday. they did this with my sister as well because my mom wanted my dad to be the first man to give us a diamond! it's a right hand ring that I wear on my ring finger and it frames a freckle absolutely perfectly.

I also pretty much wear the same earrings (some round faux diamonds from Lia Sophia) because I am too lazy to change them!

99% of the jewelry you will see me wear (which is rarely anything other than these pieces) is gold.

    3. Do you collect anything? If so, what? If not, what would you collect if you had the money/resources?

I used to collect stickers when I was younger and I had a whole notebook full of them! I don't really think I collect anything now. I take a lot of pictures though if that counts, and I do tend to save cute little notes and things that make me smile.

    4. What's your favorite video game console and your favorite game for that console?

my sister and I shared a GameBoy Color when we were younger, and my favorite games were Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (except ours wouldn't save, so I don't think either of us ever got through the whole thing) and we had a Backstreet Boys one that I liked.

    5. Yogurt or pudding?

to me, yogurt is more of a breakfast/snack item (love it with granola and an apple) and pudding is more of a dessert, so both?

    6. If you could get one tattoo without any pain for free, would you? What would you get and where on your body?

I already have two tattoos, so yes yes yes! I have a few more that I want to get, one of which is a peacock feather on my side.

    7. Do you still talk to the friends you had when you were a child?


    8. If you could take over a country, what country would it be?

Genovia (;

    9. Do you prefer your Ramen as a pasta with less broth, or more like a soup with more broth?

it has been forever since (the one time) I had ramen! I would say soup though.

    10. Do you have an accent? If so, what kind?

 I don't think so... maybe ask someone who isn't from around here and they would say I have a northern/midwestern accent.

    11. How do you pronounce pecan?

puh-KON usually

    12. Did you have a blankie or stuffed animal you carried everywhere as a toddler?

not that I am aware of

    13. Sunrise or sunset?

both! though I never catch one when I try

    14. Are you good at card games?

I don't think so

    15. Favorite kind of Poptarts?

cinnamon brown sugar. no wait, red velvet.

    16. Rainy weather, snowy weather, or sunny weather?

that really depends on where I am, what I'm doing, and my mood! {I am not answering these questions very well...}

    17. Are/were you in any after school activities in school? If so, what one(s)?

I was in swimming when I was younger, but I would not do it competitively (I refused). I was also a part of Peer Ministry my junior year of high school, which was a really great group of people. they meant a lot to me than I realized at the time. during my senior year, I also helped manage the boys' swim team, but to this day I question my motive for that one.

    18. At what age did you develop your first crush? Share a story about it if you wish.

I liked this boy in my class when I was in elementary school. nothing to serious though because my friend liked the same one and I had to change my mind and like his friend instead? anyway... I guess the first time I really "fell" for a guy, I was in high school. nothing came out of it though.

    19. McDonalds or Burger King?

neither, but McDonald's if I really had to choose. I never liked Burger King, but I have many memories of MacDons when I was younger.

    20. White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?

milk or dark, as long as it's not Dove dark chocolate.

    21. Coffee or tea and what kind?

 really, neither. I like lattes and mochas, but not straight coffee. and every time I've had tea, I haven't liked it. but a chai tea latte? yes please!

    22. Favorite memory from a sleepover with your best friend?

at a sleepover for one of my friend's birthdays in 5th grade, we watched Mean Girls. it must have just been out on VHS. then we were talking about who we liked and I left the room because I didn't want to admit to liking one of the boys in our class?

    23. Favorite brand of chips? (i.e. Doritos, Lays, Tostidos)

I recently had Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Hickory Barbeque Kettle Chips, and they were really good. Popped! does a sweet potato chip at some point in the year that I really like too.

    24. What's your favorite place to eat out at?

 I don't really go out to eat a lot, but the last couple times I've grabbed lunch while shopping in Green Bay, it's been Noodles & Co. (even though I really wanted Panera)

    25. Favorite scented candle fragrance?

I'm currently burning Amaretto Nog from Whiteout Wicks, and I do like sweeter, bakery-type scents.

    26. When you go to the mall, where's the first place you always seem to go to?

this one is way harder than necessary... I'm going to say World Market when I go to Appleton, even though it's not "in" the mall.

    27. Do you enjoy mosh pits?

the only "most pits" I've been in were at high school dances, so I'm going to go with no.

    28. Favorite sound track from any video game or movie?

I can't say I have one.

    29. Do you prefer to drink out of plastic or glass cups?


    30. Do you prefer minty gum or fruity gum? What's your favorite brand?

 minty, for sure. currently I have Orbit's Sweet Mint, but I like 5 gum as well.


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