Thursday, December 11, 2014

NatureBox :: December 2014

I love when the mailman brings my mail to the door at least once a month because of this little orange box. (:

The descriptions in italics are from NatureBox, but I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just love sharing my snacks every month!

Black Sesame Seed Clusters :: at first when I tried one, it was okay, with a kind of sweet taste, but then I just didn't like them. these were a surprise snack from NatureBox because I didn't have enough items in my pantry.

"When you're in the post-lunch slump, not just any snack will do. It's Black Sesame Seed Clusters to the rescue! Flax seds and almonds are wrapped in black sesame seeds for a crunch that's totally nutty and oh-so-right. Its seedy deliciousness will have you feeling good and snacking better."

Orange Apple Fruit Chews :: I don't eat citrus fruit, and I haven't had orange juice since I was in high school. (Our French teacher would bring us orange juice and doughnuts for final exams.) My first impression of these is that they taste like orange juice. They're not bad, but they're not my favorite either.

"You have a hankering for dessert so you rummage through the cupboard and grab these Orange Apple Fruit Chews. Open up a pouch, take in the sweet orange aroma, and dig in to these fresh-tasting fruit chews. Be sure to browse our Snack Catalog for more fruity snacks!"

Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms :: I didn't get into the whole "pumpkin spice everything" trend, and no, I have never had a pumpkin spice latte. I wanted to try these since they are a seasonal item, and they do have a nice pie spice flavor.

"Our beloved soft-baked Nom Noms get a fall-tastic makeover with this seasonal flavor! Rolled oats, almonds, honey, and a touch of coconut are taken to new heights with the spiced sweetness of homemade pumpkin pie. You're sure to enjoy our classic Nom Noms in Dark Cocoa, Peanut Butter, and Blueberry."

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels :: When NatureBox introduced three flavors of Greek yogurt pretzels, I knew that I was going to try all of them. I didn't want to overdo it and try them all in the same box, so I did space them out, and since blueberry yogurt is a usual for me, these were the first ones I tried. (The other flavors they do are strawberry and plain.) These are great! I think that they have the perfect amount of a nicely flavored coating on them.

"Next time you hit the trails with your friends, be sure to bring along this berry delicious treat! With no artificial sweeteners, it has the slight tang from Greek yogurt and all the tasty sweetness of blueberries. Check out our other Greek yogurt pretzel flavors."

Dried Cherries :: (This was my try at an artistic photo of me pouring them onto a plate.) I know that I can buy dried cherries at so many stores, and I could even very easily find local dried cherries, but I put these in my pantry anyway. I almost bought some at the grocery store the night before these came! I don't really know what to say about them because they're just a typical dried cherry.

"When nothing but a sweet 'n tart fix will do, reach for these Dried Cherries! These little fruits are harvested once a year and then immediately dried to lock in its fruity flavor. With no added sugar, they make for a naturally sweet addition to any snack routine. Add them to your morning cereal or your favorite baked recipe."


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