Tuesday, December 30, 2014

that's not my name

a couple weeks ago, Meghan did a really cute post about nicknames, and I wanted to do one too!

I don't really have any nicknames that just anyone is allowed to call me, but certain people are allowed to call me certain things, so here goes.

Ursula - back in elementary school, one of the boys in our class decided that some of us girls did something to lose letters in our name. somehow I gained an "L" in there too. mine stuck (while the others didn't), and I still have a friend who calls me that today.

Urse - this one goes along with the one above, and Cassy actually usually calls me Urse instead of Ursula.

Terese - it's a very bad idea to call me this (or Treese, which is much worse). only Elise can get away with it and she usually pronounces it Tuh-REESE. haha.

Terese Louise - somehow the girls in my gym class sophomore year started calling me this.

Treesa - just like Theresa is a misspelling that makes me angry, Treesa is a mispronunciation that drives me crazy!

Miss Teresa - this doesn't really count as a nickname, but this is what the kids and church and the Y typically call me, and therefore the other women I teach with call me that. sometimes my manager at the motel calls me this.

Little Miss - I'm not 100% sure why, but Ruby calls me Little Miss every time she sees me!

Crimson Chin (later shortened to Chin) - once I started attending public school in 8th grade, I befriended these two girls named Erin and Heather, and they (along with a few others) liked to make fun of my "sideways butt chin." in high school, the two of them, along with our friend Kyle, started calling me the Crimson Chin, like the character from the Fairly Odd Parents (right?). it has since been shortened to Chin. I put up with it from them.

Erin and one of her drawings, September 2011 in Intro to Mac class

T - you have to really be close with me for me to let this one slide. I really like this one, but I just don't let anyone call me that. it has to be initiated by me signing something with just a T for me to be okay with it. although, Barrett starting calling me that randomly, and I think melanie picked up on it from him, but I don't really mind from the two of them.


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