Wednesday, December 24, 2014

51/52 2014

another average week with working and working, but I got to go to a concert on Friday night, and I had Monday off from both jobs. I ran errands that day and got a lot done at home too, including baking and wrapping Christmas presents. my sister got married out in Washington, and my mom and I got to FaceTime in to see it happen.

Wednesday 17 December // day three hundred fifty-one :: ready for the last classes of the session before Christmas! our books for the day were: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Christmas, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, and Olivia Helps with Christmas. my socks are from Target (;

Thursday 18 December // day three hundred fifty-two :: I sometimes like to leave my shoes by the heater to warm up and dry off!

Friday 19 December // day three hundred fifty-three :: such a very special night getting to see a pat mAcdonald solo acoustic show! {and yes, Ruby is wearing a red and leopard print Santa hat!}

Saturday 20 December // day three hundred fifty-four :: all I really wanted for Christmas was this blanket, because I was too cheap to spend the $40 on it and I wasn't brave enough to go to Target on Thanksgiving evening after leaving family stuff to get it for $20. thanks to my sister and her boyfriend, it's now on my bed. (:

Sunday 21 December // day three hundred fifty-five :: a joke Christmas present from one of my friends. I don't even know how it came up, but I had been complaining to her about how my grandma used to always get books about Native Americans for me for my birthday and Christmas, and I so wasn't into it. Susan says that this book is good. {and you know I love showing off my socks}

Monday 22 December // day three hundred fifty-six :: Disney Princess soup for lunch because yes.

Tuesday 23 December // day three hundred fifty-seven :: I love children's books, and I love Oliver Jeffers' illustrations! and look, I went to a different (worse lit) part of my apartment so that it wasn't the same background as two other pictures this week. haha.


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