Wednesday, December 10, 2014

49/52 2014

Please bear with me as I learn how to use Lightroom! (:

Christmas is crawling closer and I just can't wait for wrapping presents. I love all of the beautiful displays at the stores and looking around to see what is for sale. There are so many things that I have on a want-but-never-going-to-acquire list. (:

Wednesday 3 December // day three hundred thirty-seven :: I know I've sung praises for Number 2 Pencil's Perfect Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies before, but if you just make one cookie instead of two with that recipe (I bake it for 13 minutes), it is even better.

Thursday 4 December // day three hundred thirty-eight :: Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped.

Friday 5 December // day three hundred thirty-nine :: grocery shopping prep.

Saturday 6 December // day three hundred forty :: clean tablecloth (:

Sunday 7 December // day three hundred forty-one :: I needed a new purse for travel, and while I'm kind of over all of Vera Bradley's bright patterns and colors, I did like the hipster style, and this one sort of matches my car. I wanted the purple leopard one, but it wasn't on sale like this one.

Monday 8 December // day three hundred forty-two :: a little piece of history.

Tuesday 9 December // day three hundred forty-three :: I am getting so excited to wrap Christmas presents! I just can't wait for them to be opened. I feel like I am terrible at picking out gifts, but I think that these people will like what I got them! (:

{the cheetah print wrapping paper and gift bags are both currently being sold at Target}


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